My trip to Tijuana, B.C.

deckmans-en-el-mogorMy Father who lives in Tijuana, invited me to come down to have lunch with him and the Family. I agreed, as I have Sentri (Trusted traveler) so I can get back to the U.S. easily and not take hours waiting at the border.

We were headed to the now famous wine country called “Valle de Guadalupe”. As I approached the border to enter into Mexico, I found myself at a complete stop, not knowing why until we had advanced a bit, that is when I noticed people standing between the vehicles with signs that read “No Peña, no mas gasolina” (Peña is the current President) in English it means no more gasoline. I wasn’t aware of the issue going on, since I don’t watch the news. The closer I got to entering Tijuana, I noticed hundreds of people roaming the street, with signs and flags, yelling their message. For the very first time I felt a bit of fear going to this Third world country, I used to call home.

Turns out the President had implemented a very high tax on gasoline, that will go up again in a month. Lots of gas stations were closed, and the ones that were open had very long lines of cars waiting.

After having a great meal in Valle, I came back across the border without incident. I did hear however that they had closed the border to enter Mexico do to the protesters and was featured on the news that day.


3 thoughts on “My trip to Tijuana, B.C.

  1. I enjoyed what i’ve read so far. I look forward to reading about your life’s journeys in the future. Well done rebeca! What a brilliant and therapeutic way to get in touch with yourself and the courage to share it with others. Love you girl and take me to TJ one of these days!


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