Is anyone else alarmed?!

I was born in Mexico City. Mexican Father and an American Mother, by which I was able to be naturalized at a month of birth. Raised in Tijuana, B.C. I feel like I am more Mexican than american, and very proud of it!! I voted for Hillary, and was so excited to see the first woman President in this lifetime, I was so incredibly shocked to experience the actual results, I literally cried! I have never been a person who cared or followed politics in any way at all, but this election meant something to me, I watched my first presidential debates ever (all of them), I was invested!!!

Now, I find myself living in the United States of America, the best place to live, and feeling fear for the future, because of the person others elected to represent us. I am still scratching my head, asking myself “how could this be?” A person who is a joke to many, who has demonstrated narcissism to the point of being a sociopath, to lead us and to represent us!! One that insults women, special needs people and minorities. How could this happen??? Am I awake or is this a nightmare??? GOD bless us!

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