Lunch with friends


(Pictures above of the home where I grew up)

Lunch with two very good friends today, talking about parenting and punishment/repercussions of bad behavior.

I experience my Bosses children, who I would describe as beggars, not for money as they are in the top 1% but to get what they want, and they do not take “no” as an absolute answer but as as negotiation. I was not raised this way, No was NO! No negotiating about it. I could only try to negotiate a “maybe” which in the end was mostly a “NO” but I would try no matter what, yet I knew when to let it go. I don’t see this as these teens today, they will beg, cry, whine, etc. It seems like the respect for Parent authority has been lost. The children rule the way. If we think back when I was a child/teen/young adult. This would never happen. In my time, it was o.k to hit us, it didn’t matter if it was a belt, a hand or a fist.

My own therapist told me, that if  I was in therapy then, she would have Me and my Brother removed from our home, for “child abuse”. I was dumbfounded, because we lived in a 7,000 sq ft home, we had live in maid and gardener. We thought our life to be “privileged” both my Brother and I went to private schools and had a chauffeur. How could life be better? We didn’t know how others lived or what a healthy relationship was like, between parents, siblings, or anyone else. All we knew was what we lived. (Picture above is the living room at the home in which I grew up in)

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