When and Why?

Did we become so jaded? Why is it that kind gestures surprise us more than, rude harmful ones? Why do we automatically believe bad, negative opinions over loving ones? Why do we choose to be “garbage collectors”? This is when we need or should look within ourselves and ask why, do we feel unworthy of being loved or appreciated. It is an inside job. It is harder to love ourselves and forgive ourselves than anyone else. We give love, priority to others over ourselves, without realizing that forgiving ourselves and loving ourselves is where it starts!

2 thoughts on “When and Why?

  1. I believe it’s because anything negative creates pain, and pain is almost impossible to get rid of. We as human beings will feel pain more than love and will remember negative over positive because maybe pain is addictive, more so than love is. Right? Maybe not. Just a thought. We humans are very complex.

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