What brings You joy?

I have been reading a great book “Adventures for your Soul” by Shannon Kaiser , this book has made be ask myself important, meaningful questions, to reflect and look within for the answers. One of the many questions is “What brings you joy”, the reason the writer asks this question, is because she wants her reader to find the answer and do more of it. As  I pondered this question, I realize that most of us, probably don’t do much of what brings us joy, because we are too busy ridding our hamster wheel. I know I am guilty of having a monotonous kind of day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. i.e. sleep, work, gym, dinner, TV, sleep, work, and it goes on and on ….. throw in errands a couple times a week. If we are having an exceptional week, we might fit in a date or see friends. Personally this doesn’t seem like the reason we came to earth. I am sure other than learning lessons, growing our Souls, and connecting with our Soul mates, we are supposed to experience joy, happiness, glee, among other things.

I personally am going to make more of an effort to feel the good that life has to offer, by finding what brings me joy today. Life is too short to waste on being mundane!

Wishing you much joy!

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