Inspiring Books part 1

I believe most of us have read a book or two (Some of us many more) that have left their mark on us in some way, either by opening our eyes to our world, opening our minds, opening our hearts and transforming the way we think and see life and those around us. I feel that the this first list I will share with you did just that.


This book took me six months after receiving by mail, to open and read. Once I did, I was immediately hooked. Since 2006 I have re-read it, seen it on DVD and listened to it on CD, so many times I cannot count them. I do it to refresh my mind and get back on track when I feel i need it.


As You can read in my previous blogs. This book is another one I re-read over and over again or listen to on CD. I find these four agreements to be the most important to remember and incorporate the teaching into your daily life, so your own well being and peace of mind.



These were the first two books I read (on Audio book) about Past lives, and lessons we come to Earth to learn. Both of them I have read multiple times.


This is another one with the same message as the ones above, with different stories. I chose to buy most of my books on Audio, I find I am able to absorb and process the content easier and better by hearing it.


Found this one on a list of must read books (in this category) I bought it on audio, and listened to it three times, very short book and easy to understand.


This one is one of the latest books I’ve listened to, (three times) I found this on a “might enjoy this book” list. Great book!!! Loved it, just like the all the ones in this blog.

As I now believe, there are no mistakes, and no coincidences, so these books came to Me, when I was ready to receive the information they hold. For this and many more reasons I know how blessed I am. #Miraclesnow


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