I believe we are all surrounded by our soulmates. Some are with us to teach us lessons, aka karma, others are here to help us get thru hard times, to loves us, support, and empower our lives, making it a richer experience. I am truly thankful and grateful for all of them.

I know and feel I have many, some of them have given me really hard and painful lessons. Yet their are those who GOD has granted me, to help me navigate, survive, and have hope for a better brighter tomorrow, whos love I can feel in my soul, without them I probably would have given up.

GOD knows what our plan is this lifetime,  he is doing all that needs to happen to bring our desires and lessons we chose to experience. All the while protecting, guiding and loving us.

I really hope and pray that I am doing what I planned to, my biggest desire is to find out in the end that I excelled in learning, loving, and being better in every way.


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