Some people come into your life for a moment, for awhile or for a lifetime, and it is like you experienced a 13 earthquake, minutes, hours even days afterwards (in some cases much longer)  you can feel the effects, and the after shocks, of their harmful, hateful words and actions.  Leaving you feeling a Spiritual and/or moral hangover of being in their company. Emotional vampires, who’s only intention is to suck your energy, crush your soul, and in some cases your will to live. They do this for their own benefit, enjoyment and amusement. You are left feeling empty, hurt and vulnerable.

You are left behind, with a broken heart, and a shattered spirit in their wake. They will move on to another victim soon enough, not ever noticing or caring about the destruction they left behind in their wake, worst yet, even if they did realize it, they don’t care, they lack empathy. In the end they will sleep just fine regardless.

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