Why not start with oneself?

I have been working and trying to find kindness and patience in my heart for others, I can say I have been successful in being able to humble myself, or life has, and being able see others through kinder eyes, more than I ever had. I have forgiven things, actions, words from people, who others can’t understand being able to. I have been proactive in this and feel it is really important that I see a person, not by their face, monetary worth or social status, but for who they truly are. I want/need to feel a persons heart, intentions and  see a glimpse of their soul. I am moved by kindness, empathy and love of GOD. I think of people as the child they once were, an innocent human who was hurt, damaged and perhaps didn’t feel loved or accepted, as I have. I know we are all children of GOD and we are all doing our best, the best we know how or can in the moment.

Why can’t I feel the same empathy and compassion for myself? Why is it so hard for Me, to forgive myself for not being perfect, not being able to accept myself as I have others.  I think I have the answer and it is not easy to admit. Perhaps it is that I don’t love myself enough to give myself the same or similar kindness I do others. The truth lies in between the lines. I am afraid of loosing others acceptance or love, yet the reality is you can’t loose love, if you love yourself, and you can’t loose what never was yours.

I know it is not just Me who feels this way. We all struggle to find peace, love, and forgiveness for ourselves. They say admitting your own short comings and being mindful is the first step. Well, then here I am, vulnerable,  with open heart and a soul looking for enrichment and growth.

My biggest fear is that I am wasting my limited time here on earth, not progressing in my Souls plan. This is why I am continually looking for answers, empowerment, strength and faith.

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