Time passes quickly… where did it go?

I’m here in Tijuana reconnecting with a classmates, I spent nine years with, but as adults who live in two different countries all be it very close, we loose our connections and time passes quickly. Before we know it we are half way through life, wondering where the time went. As I look back, I wonder what was I doing that kept me from keeping my connections close?

Was I actually doing or being something that was all that important. The answer is NO! Nothing in my every day life I did or do, was worth or as meaningful that I couldn’t find the time, for what I feel is truly important in life, are the relationships I have or have had,  I am thankful for them. Not all have been good, but I see that they were necessary for my growth, as painful as some of them were and are, they sirve a purpose in our progress in life.

This is when I realize, it is time to slow down, or stop and “smell the roses”. Make the time to visit, see or talk to those who are important to me. Ask for forgiveness for my faults and actions that could have hurt someone I care about.

At the end of the day, what matters is how much we grew, learned and loved. We only answer for ourselves, our choices, behavior and reactions to others.

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