I love Teresa Caputo and would do almost anything to have a reading with her, after many requests and attempts, I still have no heard from her or her “people”. I did get to meet her though, which I am sure was no mistake. I was walking down the street in La Jolla on the opposite side of the bookstore “Warwick’s” and felt that I needed to cross the street and walk pass the store, also felt I had to look and see what authors were scheduled to have a book signing, something I had never done, at much to my surprise I saw that she would be in town for her new book. You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven

I knew I had been lead to it. I was and am a huge fan of hers, her show and her books. I am happy I got to meet her in person, by the time it was my turn she had seen, greeted and smiled for tons of people, when I reached her, she had already taken her shoes off and was noticeably tired. I did however have the opportunity to meet her husband Larry who stood outside in the heat chatting, he is as great in person as on the TV.

I have had the great experience of being read by two other mediums, those readings were very different from each other, the second one was truly priceless, I can say it changed my views, my heart, my life. I will blog about those later on.

I recommend you read her books, they are entertaining, enlightening, tearjerker for sure!


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