1970-2017 So many changes, so many advancements

As I think back and recall earlier days, I feel so very lucky  that I got to be part of a world, that wasn’t as jaded or easy to navigate in so many ways, as it is today. OK, we didn’t have the comforts we do either, but it is kind of cool to think back on them, we had to know or find a way around difficulties, using our minds instead of technology.

I remember the 8 track, cassettes, boom boxes, only one kind of milk (whole cow milk), home phones (in my home we had three different lines) , no call waiting, bunny rabbit ears for TV reception, MTV  music videos, the first microwaves, the first VCRs, actual paper booklets of tickets lettered A-E for Disneyland, Jack Lalanne etc..  Being able to eat without worrying or counting calories, no reading ingredients on labels (because we had none) before deciding if you would eat it or not. Limited selections of everything and anything.

Today, I do enjoy the comforts of living in this millenium, especially spandex, cell phones, remote controls, internet, cars with cameras, sensors, and the list goes on.  Yet, I still think back and think to myself “How cool is it that, that  I’ve seen and experienced so many changes, inventions, and progress”.  And happy I really don’t need to look back when pulling out of parking spaces, being able to order my coffee from my phone or actually having to know how to research, drive and think without google…encyclopedia anyone? I literally own more books on audio on my kindle than I do in physical form.   Who remembers their birthday parties at Farells??

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