Lucky 13


I feel like a very lucky woman. Other than being born on a Friday the thirteenth, first  I know I am loved by GOD, I am blessed in so many ways, and I can feel my Soulmates and Guardian Angels guiding me, which I love!

I have not stayed in bad marriages, I have left unhealthy relationships, I have found my voice, I am learning to not be afraid to share it, remembering that what others think of me is non of my business, not a reflection of me but of them. Not to take anything personally, not make assumptions, know how healthy I am, physically able and mentally stable.

I also feel really lucky that I was born and grew up in a third world country, that neighbors with the US, being bilingual, traveled, married, divorced, skinny, over a few pounds, bad relationships, great relationships, employed, happy, at peace, loved, seen, heard, kind, empathetic, thankful, grateful, safe, loving, smart, loyal, being a woman and the list goes on for days. Who wouldn’t feel lucky, take look at your life again, see the many blessings You have, most importantly be thankful and grateful for them.

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