Whats on your bucket list?


I can only speak for myself (of course) I personally have tons of things on my “before I die” list, but only a few that are truly important to me to do or accomplish, given I have no idea as none of us do, how much time I actually have.

On the short list. I will be married again, this time with my lifetime partner Soulmate. I am getting restless doing this alone. I have a huge desire to love intimately and be loved the same way, even though I have been married 3 times, yes three…I have yet to experience what I know is out there, what I can see others share. My desire for it is immensely deep, that is why it is highest on my list. I will wait as patiently as I can for GOD to bring him to me and me to him.

Other ones would be travel, write a book, meet my niece, an of course be a better human being to mention a very few. I found a really cool book years ago, that is now out of print with a long list of things to do before you die. Now there are many on the market, I suggest you get one to compile your own list.


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