My marriages…

Funny enough, even though I have been married three times, yes three in three years. From 28-31. I did not chose to have children this lifetime, because I felt and feel I wanted to concentrate on other lessons, and growth. I wanted to heal and to experience true love with a “partner” (Husband).  When people ask how many times I’ve been married, I feel their judgement, especially because I want to do it again. Instead of letting them shame me, I answer with “I am the same sign as Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minelli, PISCES” we are known for our ability to love, daydream, intuition and our sensitivity. All ingredients for a person who will “try again”.

First marriage was the worst! I had no idea what the reality of being married was, and I married the wrong person. He was so needy that I could not get my own needs met. The second ended up breaking my nose, we lived in Stockholm, Sweden, the only man I wanted to have a child with, but being so far away from home and not knowing the laws, etc. I had to leave him for my well being, the third was a nightclub owner, I don’t think I need to say more about that marriage, except that it was the longest coming in at 13 months. I do not regret any of my marriages they all brought awesome experiences in the end, 1st and third blessed me with life changing therapist, and the second, the opportunity to live in Europe. So, the fourth will bring me what my heart desires the most, mutual LOVE, Kindness, and respect.

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