I find that traveling is priceless for so many reasons. If traveling by air, getting thru all the security and waiting in lines is not my favorite thing,  flying is my favorite way to travel, since my patience is a virtue I am working on. Driving for more than an hour is not my choice, that said I do enjoy traveling by train, because I can sleep, walk around, eat, read, etc. I don’t feel as trapped as I do in a car, even a plane can be a bit constricting, but the fastest way to a destination.

Once I arrive to my destination, it is always worth it! I love having new and repeated (good) experiences, who doesn’t?! I really enjoy learning new things, I am fascinated with history, customs, foods, scenery, habits and seeing how others live now or before our time. I prefer to go where the locals hang out, versus tourist. I have been fortunate to have traveled quite a bit so far (Thankfully I am blessed with a very good friend, who has given me Southwest tickets to fly anywhere they do anytime, I am truly blessed!)  I am looking forward to much more travel in my future, both domestic and internationally.

With passport in hand, and the willing desire, not much can stop me!

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