Do you know what truly makes you tick? what moves you?


For some it is politics, especially in this time and political atmosphere. I have never cared or known much or anything about our government, but now I find myself watching CNN on the treadmill, who would have ever thought. Like they say, never say never! I am a true poster child of that!!

Back to the subject. What moves me is kindness, love and respect I see what is happening in the world and in my surroundings, and wish there was more of it being spread around.

I am a very sensitive person, which is a quality I love about myself, yet it can also be painful burden to have. On the down side I am affected by the negative  comments, thoughts and actions others, by trying to impose their views, opinions and ways of thinking.

In the end I believe it is important for us to know, what it is that moves us good or bad, this  is how we get to know what matters the most to us.




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