Patience, a virtue I am working on…


I will admit (Thank GOD since it is the first step), I have lacked in this area. I’ve been inpatient with others, and with myself. I am constantly reminding myself to be patient and kind. In retrospect I realize that the reason I have had such a hard time with it, is because I grew up in a home with extremely inpatient parents,  I was told that if I didn’t or couldn’t do something quickly and correctly, that I was stupid (Literally) I did not want to be stupid, so I learned to do everything at lighting speed, and not have patience for others who moved any slower than I did. I am sure this is one of the reasons I developed an anxiety disorder.

What helps me, is to remind myself that I am not in a hurry, what was I in such a haste to get to? Also,  you never know what the other person is going through, be patient.

Finding patience is an internal job, calming my anger and frustration is not an easy thing but I believe this is one of my life lessons. So, I take it seriously. I am a work in progress…

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