Change… not easy for most of us


I have to admit I have a bit of a controlling personality, I am addicted to habits and staying “safe”, in that mental frame. I have stayed in relationships, homes, jobs, ways of thinking and more.

I resist change very strongly, I can be stubborn at times, I realize it is rooted in fear, then the fear manifests itself as anxiety which can be paralyzing.

In the last two years, I have had to make changes, not ones I jumped to make, I felt like GOD was telling me, or pushing me to move from my “safe” place (Which it turns out was a self imposed cage), one thing after another kept on happening, making it impossible not to make the changes or take the necessary steps towards them. I had to remind and assure myself  that it would be o.k. that GOD always provides, I mean who would know me better and where I need to be than my creator? I know that whatever he leads me to, he will always protect me and guide me. Of this I am sure! Thankful, grateful and truly blessed!

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