Best date ever…with my Dad


Another trip into down south, as soon as I saw the border wait to enter Tijuana,  I hesitated for a moment, then in an instant, I thought this is the most important thing for me to do today, to spend time with my Father, you never know if it will be the last, and God forbid it was and I didn’t go. It would have broken my heart, I am not sure I would have forgiven myself, EVER.

I am so incredibly Thankful that I did, in the end it was better than I could have ever expected or dreamt of. I am thankful for my forgiving heart, and the opportunity to know this special man. The relationship has been far from easy but worth it. We chose each other before incarnating, it is what I believe a thousand percent, today was a perfect example of how awesome and how great our love and compatibility can b. Especially when we are able to be alone, talk and hear each other without either of the women he chose to marry one being my own Mother the other my step mother, inflicting their jealousy and insecurities. I think they can feel, and obviously see the connection between us and are threatened by it, causing them both to want to separate us and come between us.

The best part is that it is mutual. I will no longer accept others to tell me how I should feel or think. This is my life, this is my journey and I chose to love him no matter what….PERIOD!

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