Catholic school


I went to a Private Catholic school in Tijuana Mexico, in the 70’s. While not all our teachers were nuns, we were surrounded by them, in first grade we were separated from the boys.

As I think back on their teachings, the nuns were extremely strict and punishing. An example of it, was when I cut my hair like a “boy” they called a parent teacher conference with all of our parents, to tell them that it was not o.k. for girls to have short hair, etc. They taught us of a punishing GOD,  that every natural instinct we had was bad. It took me decades to overcome those beliefs.

I never felt like I fit in, I was the only half Mexican, half American kid in the school. At that age all I wanted was to fit in, I didn’t feel like I did, I also was the tallest girl in class, which didn’t help.  On the other hand I would wouldn’t wear the uniform like they wanted, instead of tie up shoes, I wore slip ons, instead of wearing the stiff sweater (as pictured above), I wore one that was my Fathers in the same color, and very oversize and comfortable, and the list goes on. As it has always been, I march/dance to the beat of my own drums. I guess I shouldn’t have complained, if I was not willing to “follow” others or their rules.

For so many years I had thought that my parents sending me to that school, was the worst thing they could have done, until one day I realized it was a huge blessing in disguise.  If not for that school, I would not know GOD, no one in my immediate family is religious, or talks about GOD much. I did loose my way for a bit, but thankfully I got close to him again, and it has changed my life, my heart, my experience. A true blessing! THANK GOD! Amen.


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