It really is true that GOD/Universe brings to you…

Who you need, what you need, at the right time, when you are ready and open to receiving the lesson, the person, the situation, etc.

Sometimes I feel I have waited long enough, I’ve been good enough, open and ready for certain things I pray about, yet they don’t manifest, which leads me to feel hopeless, sad, not heard or seen. This is when I have to remind myself, that nothing is on my time, it’s in GOD’s time and even though I feel or want to be ready, he knows when I truly am and when it is best to show up in my life, just in the right moment.

Perfect example;  how I was able to find, afford (both in time and money) the two therapist who were pivotal in my life at the time. I have since had one more, the latest one who also has left her mark and was perfect for where I was in my journey. A good therapist in my eyes, is one who leads you, guides you, helps you, explains things as they are and not what you have believed, one who encourages your growth and gives you the tools you need.

My first and last husbands were responsible for me being able to have the therapy I needed (was open to receive) the time to read, digest, learn, and heal. For this reason I believe, they came into my life, and for the same reason, they are not in it anymore, they served their purpose. I am thankful, grateful and blessed to have had them, and wish them health, love and peace, very far away from Me!


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