Betrayal, WTF!

others talking bad

I heard about two people who have betrayed my trust (again). After hearing about the first one, I was angry but still had faith in humanity, after hearing about the second one only 2 hours later, was all it took to really make me angry, asking myself why would these two people do this? Having to remind myself that what others do or say, is not about me, but about them. Believe me when I tell you it was on my mind for hours, so basically I let them take space in my head without paying rent! I think this is what makes me  angry in the end, I let them affect me. I am over it now! Thank GOD!



2 thoughts on “Betrayal, WTF!

  1. They showed their true colors is all I can say. And lost a good friend in the end. I do believe that it’s a weeding out process though, and the good ones rise to the top! Good friends are like gold! Xo Lane

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