Why do we put ourselves down?


I find this is one of my habits,  a pattern in situations were I find myself being deprecating to myself in a joking way, the truth is I am simply unable to take compliments to heart, or seriously. It is my way of blowing it off.

I believe we are insecure because of things we perceive we are missing or lacking. Well, while I feel insecure at various times because of my beliefs and thoughts, I also recognize that when I put myself down and make jokes at my own expense, it isn’t that its always an insecurity of not being good enough, but quite the opposite, I find I do it so others feel better about themselves, and not find me intimidating.

I now am having to remember to first love myself enough, not to underestimate my value, to let my own light shine through, as it was meant to. No one can make anyone feel any way, we hold that power for ourselves,  I am choosing to love and accept myself just the way GOD intended. If the other person/s feel anyway about it, it is not my issue or problem.

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