Second husband/marriage


This is the actual Church where we were married in Gamla Stan (Old Town) in Stockholm, Sweden. “Tyska Kyrka” meaning German Church.

I am not proud of being married multiple times, but I am proud that I didn’t stay in bad situations for many years. I always thought I would be married once and forever to one man, the reality is very different than the one I dreamed of. Our plan is not GODs plan for us, it is the one we chose and agreed to, but have no memory of.

17 years later I am happy and feel lucky I had this and all the experiences I’ve had in my life. A girl born in a developing country to be able to live in Europe, was amazing to me and still remains a cherished experience no matter the outcome, which is the marriage ended in divorce and me having a my nose broken. I still would not change it.

There are no accidents and no coincidences.


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