Lessons, learn them and leave them.


OMG! I had such an amazing meditation. Some would call it a heart to heart with my soul, it was amazing in countless ways, answers to questions, wisdom, and knowledge. Listening to my  inner voice is such a gift. Most of us, myself included, have a hard time slowing down enough to listen, it is difficult, not a priority, when it really should be.

I believe we all have the answers, this is not our first rodeo, we have been here before, obviously  we haven’t learned the lesson, that is why we recreate it. We can decide how many times we need the same lesson in order to learn and heal from it. I know I have had the exact same lessons over and over again, because I have been stubborn to learn them.  I don’t want to waste this lifetime being a boomerang, with lifelong reruns. The only person who can stop the carousel is Me! Learn it and leave it!


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