Call to Mother…


Why???  Do I continue to call my Mother or being part of a persons life whos desire and pleasure comes from, hurting me deeply. She will say “I don’t want you to get mad, or to hurt your feelings, but…”…

HELLO!!!?? Does what you want/need to tell me, have some real benefit to me or just to you? Is it  your narcissistic/borderline personality that needs to benefit from feeling or hearing me in pain? Because we are only on the phone since seeing me face to face is to much effort for you, a true coward. Are your intentions good or not?! I know the answer is NO! Why do you find such joy in hurting me? Is this Karma? Maybe?! It is not a natural thing for a Mother to desire to hurt her own Daughter unless it was some karmic justice, this is how I am able to handle the pain and disappointment in you, my Mother.

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