Hysterectomy, a great blessing!


Third Anniversary!

It trully didn’t hit home, until the day before a surgery I had scheduled months before hand, when I got the call from my Dr. telling me that because of changes in health insurance and me being transferred into Covered by California, I no longer was going to be able to qualify for the surgery or even her services. I was truly horrified! It had taken me years to get to the point of being at peace with it. Even though I knew I didn’t want children, there is still a mourning process and all that goes into it.

I broke down in uncontrollable crying almost histeria. How could this happen? My first instinct was to go to Church, drop to my knees and pray, as I prayed, I promised to let go, and let GOD. I also knew I could not sit around doing nothing, that is not my personality, so I called the insurance company myself, spoke to two people, who said maybe they could get it approved under the past coverage, since it had just changed in the last 8 days. I had to wait for hours for that call, which went by so slowly. I knew in my heart that if it were meant to be, it would.

Few hours later, I got the best call ever, I was approved, the surgery would go as planned.

The day of surgery, as I was being wheeled into the OR, I remember having a feeling of utter peace, knowing I was in GODs hands, I had nothing to fear.

In the end the surgery was successful, I am still here, very happy with my decision to have had it done. No more pain, no more crazy periods. Recovery was a breeze, I would have to point out the tiny scars in order for anyone to find them. If you are contemplating this surgery, I say go for it. Why suffer?

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