“Fathers be good to your daughters!”

Fathers are very important to their daughters, especially if the daughter(s) don’t have a good relationship or connection with their Mother.

A Father is a girls first love, at least it was for me. I thought my Father walked on water, everything he said was true, I believed all of his opinions, thoughts, comments and judgments. If he said I was bad, then bad I was, if he said I was good, then good I was. Especially being raise in a family of narcissistic, controlling people. It was easy to manipulate and train  Me, all I wanted to do was please my parents, I wanted and needed to be loved so badly, I would bend over backwards if I could.

Yet as much as I tried, it was and is never good enough. At some point after 40 years+ I give up. I can only do so much, I can only endure so much feeling of seeing disappointment in their eyes, yet I feel and know I am growing, learning, transforming into a better human, they cannot see it, because they are stuck in their needs.


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