Life lessons, the hardest are supposedly administered by the souls we are closest to…

lessons i will learn

Well, if this is true, then damn, I am SUPER close to my immediate family in the soul world, because, God knows they have handed me a healthy serving of lessons, pain, betrayal, anguish and life altering devastation.

It makes sense in a way to me, and not in others. I do know how incredibly stubborn I can be and need lessons over and over again, until I decide to finally learn them and move forward. I am not so sure it is the lesson that is hardest for me, I feel I see them clearly, it is the actual moving on. I guess they go hand in hand… the learning them, means moving on…. I think I am being a good person, when I forgive them and allow them in my life, but then I get hurt again, making me think WTF! So, in the end I believe that the lesson might also include my not having them in my life PERIOD! I admit it is hard for me to be so definite. Lesson I need to learn???

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