As much as others try, they cannot make me feel any way then I do…

taste your words

It is true when people, say that no one can make you feel anyway. I usually feel awesome, great and at peace. I can relate to why we feel others make us feel a certain way, I have felt that as well, until I understood, that what others do or say, do affect us but in the fact of having pushing certain buttons or wounds that cause our reactions and feelings. We then don’t know how to handle the intensity of it and want to throw it to someone else, like a hot potato. Who wants to own that painful shit??? Not me, we think we will feel better if we blame another for it, make it someone else’s problem/feeling.  That way we don’t have to deal with it. It is extremely painful to look inside and see our own demons, flaws and hurts, it can be crushing, if you don’t have the support, knowledge and faith, it can lead you to a darker place, one where others have not come back from. It takes courage to see yourself as you are, to forgive the most important person in your life, YOU! This is why you are here, learn it, make the changes, enjoy being alive.

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