Growing up with a sibling with ADHD, really sucked!


I always wanted to be an only child. The problem was that by the time I could speak, my Brother was already born, he is only 11 months younger than I am, we are actually the same numerical age every year for 11 days. (I am March 13th, he is March 2nd) I know I might sound mean and harsh, but this is what I wanted, in retrospect also needed, of course there is nothing I can do about it now, and would never wish him any harm.

Growing up with my Brother was far from easy, he has ADHD. Back in the 70’s they didn’t know that much about it, how to treat it, and the affects on the family.

I can only speak of my experience dealing with a younger sibling who has it and the affect on me.

Reality is that it SUCKED big time. I didn’t feel seen, heard or valued. My Brother would scream and call out for attention constantly, he was always bouncing off the walls, or tormenting me. He was physically and verbally abusive, (still does if I let him) I was the one he focused this attention on, not sure if it had anything to do with him having ADHD or the example he was living and seeing in our home. All I know is that I suffered for it.

He and I don’t speak now, and as much as it pains me, I Thank GOD he is not in my life. I was not blessed with great siblings all around. My Sister and I are also estranged, and the other two are from a different Mother, they didn’t grow up with us or really had much to do with us. I wonder if the reason, I now find myself “without” Siblings, is because I always wished and verbalized how I wanted to be a only child? or did I wish to be an only child because of them…. I guess it is like asking what came first the chicken or the egg…..???? And be careful what you wish for…the Universe is listening!


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