When is being sensitive a good thing or not?


While I know being too of anything is not a good thing, but is being too “sensitive” really bad?  If you are in the habit of taking things personally or making assumptions, I would say YES!

One of the ways one shows sensitivity and vulnerability,  I think is by crying. Problem is that I was taught not to cry, if I cried when being spanked it was not o.k. if I cried for whatever reason, it was not o.k. not sure if the words were ever said to me, but I knew it was frowned upon and not o.k.. I became really “strong” and rarely cried, I felt very uncomfortable when others cried, and found it really awkward  not knowing how to react or what to do….??

After getting closer to GOD again.Healing old wounds, seeing and experiencing things in a different, kinder, loving way, I find myself crying all the time, but not just because I am hurt or sad, also when  I feel happiness, when my heart is touched kindly or lovingly.

I was in the company of my Father and Stepmother, when something was said that brought tears to my eyes, my Stepmother commented to me, that she used to cry but doesn’t anymore, since she has awakened, with a pure healed Soul, proclaiming she has learned all her lessons, not  like the rest of us “normal” weak humans (She believes this is her last life on earth). I feel that she is wrong, that it is the opposite. Feeling compassion is human, yes but also kindness of the Soul. Or is it? I won’t know who is right,  until I am back in heaven. All I know is that it feels so good to be able to feel the world and people around Me, and being able to express it, with a genuine heart. This is why I believe we incarnate, in our soul form we cannot experience these human traits, that are so vast.

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