Does anyone else make “dates” with themselves??

I am a planner

I do! I think about what I will do on any given night, especially on the weekend. I will plan what I will eat for dinner, what I will watch, etc. Most of the time if someone calls me to do something, after I have made my “date” I pass. Because I already have plans. Is this normal? To me it is. I am my first priority. When I do bend my plans and go ahead and change them, I usually regret it, find that I am bored, wishing I was on my own “date”. I am usually at home and safe on my “dates”.

Other types of “dates” I make with myself, is more like planning. I decide what I will do in the day, shopping, clean, movies, friends, family.  I am a PLANNER!

Through therapy I know why plans are so important to me, they make me feel safe. Some people criticize or try to encourage me change or bend them,  I feel they are only motivated by their selfish needs, I know most of them come from a good place. In the end I know what is best for me at any given moment.

I am a bit “stuck” in my ways, which is not good, so I am trying to make an effort not to be so rigid or strict with my plans.

This is my time, to make myself a priority, be true to myself, to my needs, wants and desires. So sorry, not sorry, if I am not interested in entertaining you.  Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 

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