Dear Dad:

Dad nars

You were my first love, I saw you through lenses that showed you as a perfect man, one who would never hurt me, one who would protect and love me unconditionally.

Reality, was so different, I am sad to say. Just because a person is in the leading role of your young life, doesn’t mean they took it  seriously. I can only speak for myself,  (of course)  I  needed you more than words could say, especially because I didn’t have a close connection/attachment with my Mother. I identified with you and wanted more than anything to be loved, liked, protected, encouraged, and seen for the human and soul I truly am.

Instead just like with my Mother, you couldn’t see me, you tried to make me, the person you needed me to be, the person who was an extension of you and not a separate being. I know why now, because of the personality disorder you share with my Mother, called narcissism.  Thank God it is not passed down genetically. I am sorry I could not be perfect in your eyes. I am perfect in Gods!

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed! 


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