Goodbye and Hello, liberation!

forgive and let go

It is amazing how happy I am, to have disconnected from toxic people in my life. It was not easy, it was actually quite difficult indeed. I never thought I could do it, until I DID!!

It is liberating to let go, finally! So many years I was hesitant to let go, scared for some reason, perhaps of the finality, or fearing I would be alone if I didn’t  accept whom ever, no matter their toxicity. I would tolerate personalities I did not enjoy or like. Not to mention the verbal and mental abuse they inflicted, in some cases even physical abuse.

I would actually feel pain in the loneliness in their company, the boredom with their conversation or lack there of. Their insecurities were palpable and obvious to a level of literal embarrassment for them in the company of others who could see it clearly as well.

I pray for them, but mostly for GOD to keep them far away from ME!

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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