What do you really love?

what do you love

I have been thinking about this for awhile. Asking myself “what do I love?” “What brings me joy and happiness?” I came to the conclusion, that I love learning about topics that motivate me to change and become a better person. I love to read books that make me think about life and look within myself for answers. I love to watch movies that move me to feel any kind of emotion. I love to horse back ride, most of all to canter or gallop, feeling the air hitting my face and running free on an animal, is an amazing feeling of freedom. I love to dance, it is a way of expressing my feelings through movement. I love being around people, who fill my soul with love, happiness and warmth. I love to help others. I love to grocery shop and cook for myself and others.  I love to entertain, I love to travel, to get to see how others live and lived. I love history, especially about past Kingdoms, Kings and Queens, their customs and beliefs. I love Yorkies. I love having my feet  and head massaged. I love my memories, especially the good ones. I love being the eldest cousin (Female) in my family,  I might be older than the rest, but I also got to experience the pregnancies, the newborns, the babies, toddlers, family members who have passed on, etc. It is priceless!!!  I love being a Pisces. I love being bilingual, I love my strength, I love my family and friends. I love that no matter what I have been through, seen or experienced, I still faith, love and compassion in my heart. I love ME!

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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