Recurring Dreams


I have had the same recurring dream for years if not decades. I had it again last night, which made me question, why? What is happening in my life right now, that I was experiencing then and now.

It is a bit difficult to describe my dream, here goes my best effort to do so. I am trying to get away from someone, and find that it is almost imposible for me to walk, my legs are stiff and I have a great deal of pain trying to move, my legs feel very heavy. The important thing is I don’t give up, no matter how slow and painful it is, I keep on trying and moving.

First time I remember having this dream was when I was married to my first husband, it seems when I am trying to sever ties with a toxic person, I find it very challenging to do. I believe it is my subconscious mind that is manifesting my feelings into these dreams.

Trying to interpret the dream, all I can come up with,  is that it is a pattern of my personality, the difficulty of letting go. I also think it is a sign, that if I could learn to let go more easily, it would not be so slow and painful. The important message for me, is also that I don’t give up, I keep on going.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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