Learning to disconnect from the world…

I find it necessary for Me to disconnect from time to time, from the “world” by that I mean to silence and leave my cell phone behind, while I do what I please. It is not easy for me to do, as I am prone to anxiety, yet I find it important to do, especially because of the anxiety it causes me.

Anxiety has root in fear and the unknown. In order to take back control or just finally take it.  I must confront it head on in order to lessen its power over Me and the consequence to my nervous system.

I will not and cannot for my well being be a prisoner to anything that handcuffs me to itself. It is not easy as today, we are all so attached to cell phones, internet, among other things. Learning to disconnect and reconnect with yourself is a way to show yourself priority.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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