Do you believe you are here for the growth of your Soul?


Do you believe in past lives? That you chose your life and lessons before coming to Earth in human form? Have you questioned why? when? who? Have you asked yourself, am I doing what I came here to do and learn?

I have! I do! I am not ashamed to say it here or to anyone who will listen. I believe I chose this life, this time to be alive in human form, my Parents, family, friends, this time period, experiences also known as lessons, husbands, children or not having children as has been my choice, my dogs, my work, my body, my health, etc. Every single thing has been by my choosing. I am sure I chose all of it, so that my Soul could learn and grow, this is a learning experience and also a growing experience.

What I don’t believe in, are mistakes or coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Funny, I have realized that so many of the things we say today, are rooted in past beliefs and happenings. Just as the one liner I just wrote. Wiser people/Souls have come before us and are here with us. Make this life count!

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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