Who are your blood types’ ancestors?


Source: Who are your blood types’ ancestors? I am B+ according to Google, my blood type originated in Asia.

Overall in the world, B is the rarest ABO blood allele.  Only 16% of humanity have it. It reaches its highest frequency in Central Asia and Northern India, while it is  believed to have been entirely absent from Native American and Australian Aboriginal populations prior to the arrival of Europeans in those areas. However, there are relatively high frequency pockets in Africa as well. 

I find this so interesting, since my Mother is adopted and we know nothing about our blood line, heritage, DNA, history or medical information, I am always trying to find out, who I am. I guess I will always have a huge question mark when it comes to half of me. It makes it quite difficult for a person like me, who is so incredibly curious to not have answers. So I look for them everywhere, anywhere.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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