I asked the cards


I asked my Oracle cards (praying to my Angels) what to expect or keep in mind for a party I was going to the later in the day, because I was feeling a bit anxious not knowing if I would see my Brother who disowned me about a year and a half ago.

The card I pulled was the “signs” card. I read the booklet they came with it, it basically says to look out for messages from your Angels, and signs that they are with us.

That day as the party time approached I felt at peace, with the intention to be alert to seeing, hearing or feeling any “signs”.  As soon as I arrived to the party, I sat down to chat with the party goers, one of the two bartenders approached me asking me if I wanted a refill, for some reason I was compelled to ask him his name, his name was Javier! Javier is the name of one of my Uncles who passed many years back when I was about 17, he had lived with my family for some years, he unfortunately circummed to alcoholism/cirrhosis of the liver, he was very young at the time of his death and left behind 3 beautiful teenage children. I took his passing very hard, he was the first person I was close to, that had died. I got seriously depressed and would skip school to be alone in the park and cry. I don’t think anyone knows this, or what I was going through at that time.  I’ve always felt he was with me but was unsure until that day. I am so happy to know he has my back and is with me.

Second “sign” a second cousin walked up behind me asking for his “Abuelita” while I know this word is universal for Grandmother, I felt he was talking about my “Abuelita” I knew in my heart, it was her way for letting me know she was there too.

It turns out that many of us at the party were seeing, feeling “signs” all day and night. This event was priceless in so many ways. I left feeling more blessed and loved that ever.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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