I often ask myself… why?

let it go

Some of us are perjers while others are hoarders!

Why do some people feel the need to keep everything or attain more things, that are unnecessary and random, even things with little, to no value or meaning to anyone. While others of us, feel the need to let go of everything that is frivolous, even things with meaning or history, the need to let go is palpable.  Donating or giving to others brings me more joy and happiness then the items ever had in my possession or at least at the time of releasing them.

For Me, getting rid of things is a feeling of freedom, for some reason some need to keep things while others of us need to let go. I think back on all that I have gotten rid of, and think to myself, “How could I have let that go?” It meant so much to me, at least I thought it did, but maybe that is why I had to let it go?

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!


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