I miss you, Abuelita

abue_LI (2)

Today is my “Abuelitas” birthday! She would have been 95

I miss her so much, even after decades of her passing, I still think of her almost if not everyday. I think of her, her cooking, which everyone remembers her by,  I was lucky enough to know her much better than that, we traveled to Europe, we lived together, we talked about life, we shared thoughts, experiences most importantly we loved each other.

One of my many memories is that I would stand at the doorway next to the stove, to watch her cooked, while we would talk. I would ask her about her life, our families history, etc. I am a very curious person. (If you have not noticed by now!)  This time I spent with her is priceless, she has been gone almost as long as I had her in my life, even though I know I still have her with me in spirit, guiding and protecting me. I am sure we will see each other again. Until then I will continue to miss you, love you and think about you.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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