Death is not the end!!!

death is not the end

As a young person. I truly suffered when my loved ones would pass on to heaven.

Now that I am older and my beliefs have changed, I believe our Souls are eternal, death is only for the living in human form. I believe our bodies are just a costume we chose for this lifetime.

My regrets are, the many things I didn’t say and time I took for granted with them. I know they hear me,  protect me, and are with me. I am never alone and neither are You!

With this belief, I feel safe. I make an effort to be more present in my life, by listening, looking and sharing my thoughts and feelings, and of course trying to see the blessings and signs from above, that are constant.

Their is so much to life than what we see with our eyes, try seeing with your heart and other senses. Feeling is an amazing thing, while scary at times, it is awesome if you trust it. Let go and feel the divine!

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!


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