This is about ME!

My writing this blog, has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. It is for me, my healing, my venting, my progression in life and growth of my Soul.

Someone told me they thought I should stop writing it because they found it very negative. I was taken back when I heard this, as my only intention is to hopefully help someone else and make a difference in any positive way possible.

I know I am not “special” or that I have survived, endured, experienced or not something that no one else has. The point is exactly that!!!  What I have experienced, lived, seen and heard is not so unique, this is why I believe this could help so many or just one, I feel some people don’t have a voice or the shame they feel is overwhelming.

My intention is to be transparent, to say the things we are thinking but feel shame about. Trying to take the shame out of it by speaking it! If what I say makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why? Am I touching a sensitive place? Why is it sensitive?

This is my blog, this is my voice, this is my journey. I will do as I please and what I believe in, hoping in my heart it will be well received and maybe help someone else.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!


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