Speaking up!


It has been a lifelong struggle, to speak my mind and stand up for myself. While I could  easily do it for another person, for myself it has been difficult. I know it is because I was taught that I was not valuable enough to be respected, heard or seen.

Slowly, very slowly I am starting to vent and speak my truth, frustration and non willingness to be disrespected any longer.  I am standing up for myself and what I feel is right. It takes me time and a lot of pep talk within to get the nerve to do it, when I do, I have not regretted it and can see the difference in the person or people around. I am not a push over and will not be pushed, persuaded or lied to, to do anything that is not in my best interest, causes me anxiety, shame or makes me feel badly about myself. I cannot keep feeling like I let myself down, and afterwards beat myself up for it.

My world is a better place, when I express myself, and so I will.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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