Vision Board

vision(I would have added a picture of my three hanging in my bedroom, but it is personal to me, as yours would be to you. SO, I decided to put a picture of one from the internet instead)

I am working on my fourth vision board. I find it interesting to see the differences between them, and the similarities.

As time passes and I learn more about myself, about who I am, why I’m here and what is really important to me, and for me.

While I love my designer things, I mostly value my Spirituality and relationships, travel, exploring, and learning.

My “daytime” job is what I need for now to support myself, it is only that a “job” it does not bring me joy, happiness or peace. It actually takes my peace away, and jeopardizes my self esteem. At the same time it has made me aware of my needs, desires and wants. Being taken for granted, overlooked and undervalued has made me feel frustrated and restless. I have had to look inside myself to ask the hard questions and make a plan for the near future. At least I know I can find all the happiness I need within.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!



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