Why is it when a woman needs or wants change, we usually go straight to our hair? Is it because no matter what we do to it, we can eventually go back to our safe choice. If we color it, we can re color it, if we cut it, it will grow out. So while it can be a drastic change, it is also malleable. Is it because when we feel a certain way, we need our hair to show it? I mean it is the frame of our face, what we show to the outer world. A hair color and style can both makes us feel beautiful, sexy desirable or the opposite. Getting it just right for our color of skin and eyes, can be an art form in itself.

I am not influenced by popularity, but by what I think and feel looks good for me. Keeping that in mind, I just recently decided to go from blonde to medium brown, and cut off about 5 inches. A drastic change especially before the summer even starts. I felt I needed to, why? I felt my blonde long hair did not go with my personality anymore. I have changed so much, yet my hair had not in two decades.

I have to admit, it was scary and every time I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I look twice. It has been about a month now, I can say I am happy I did it, the cut not so much but it will grow out. Oh well, the only way to know for sure if you like something, is by trying it. Like they say, “No ventured, nothing gained!”

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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