What is the difference in your point of view? (Part 2)


  • Habit, for me it means something I do without thinking, getting to the point of unawareness of the behavior.
  • Custom, was taught to me through my religion, family values and cultural beliefs and acceptance
  • Patterns, is behavior that occurs similarly each day or at certain times


I know I have many habits, some good and some bad. I would like to change some of the bad ones, but find it difficult as they have become so ingrained. Sometimes the worst habits we have bring us some kind of joy or pleasure, making it even harder to change.

I like and enjoy a lot of the customs I have learned about my culture, as well as learning about others.

Patterns, I can easily pick up on other peoples patterns, by paying attention this way, I can read them and anticipate their behavior at a given time or occurrence(which is probably because of my PTSD/hyper vigilance).

I find I rely on them to feel safe in my relationships, and to minimize my anxiety. Being able to predict the behavior, plans and outcome.

Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

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